Hello, It’s Me – 2016

Happy New Year, friends! I’m baaack! (I mean it. Try not to roll your eyes.) To my readers out there who’ve kept in touch, I appreciate you so much. I know I’ve left this space a couple times already, but each time I’ve come back, you’ve been right there to […]

Sausage Dip: The Easiest, Tastiest Three Ingredient Dip. Ever.

It’s only three simple ingredients. Three simple ingredients to a party in your mouth, my friends. And it takes so little time, you’ll wonder why no one ever told you the gloriousness of this dip sooner. But no matter! I was making this for dinner the other night – yes, […]

I Haven’t Gone Missing… Just On Vacation

Hi, friends! I just got back from a whirlwind vacation (they’re always a whirlwind, aren’t they? Or maybe “tornado” is a better term to use when five kids under eight years old are involved?) and only now see that it’s been two weeks since I last posted, which was totally […]

No-Knead Biscuits From Scratch

I know, you don’t believe me. You think maybe these will end up bland and hard as rocks. But no, friends. I assure you, these biscuits are amazingly simple to make, easy on the wallet and DELICIOUS. Let’s get to it: the secret ingredient in this recipe is… MAYONNAISE. And […]