When I became a mom, my life made a 180-degree turn, taking me from “Cool” to “Ma’am” in a matter of sixteen hours of labor. All of my energy was focused on my babies, to the detriment of my appearance and self esteem. I didn’t bother with cute clothes or fixing my hair anymore – as long as my kids were happy and healthy, I was content to wear the same ratty leggings every day. But as my babies grew older and more independent, I found myself with a lot more time on my hands – time that I wanted to use to start taking care of myself again and rediscovering the me I left behind in the delivery room. And that’s where this blog comes in!

Life, Darling is a lifestyle blog with one goal: to help and support moms of all ages who want to get their groove back – mind, body, and spirit. On this blog, I share posts on:

  • Taking care of your whole self:
    • Beauty and Skincare
    • Fashion Inspiration
    • Healthy Habits (for the mind and body)
  • Quick and Easy Recipes (especially helpful for those of  you who “don’t do cooking”)
  • Fun tips and DIYs

If you’re looking for a place to re-learn all the things that fell by the wayside once you had kids (how to apply makeup again, how to start taking better care of yourself, how to put an outfit together – how to enjoy your food piping hot), or maybe you couldn’t be bothered with these things before, but you want to learn now, then you’ve come to the right place!


Here is a list of my loves, passions, and interests:

I love Jesus
My Family
Coke (Full Sugar. Fountain. Lots of Ice.)
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Fried Chicken
Green(er) Living
Musical Theater

Also: I am a non-practicing Anal Retentive and I screen all my calls.

Thank you for stopping by and taking time out of your day to visit my site. I am so excited for you to be part of the tribe here, so make sure to subscribe to my blog and follow me wherever you do social media. I hope you enjoy your stay!

~ Jennifer

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