Take A Chance! Starting A YouTube Channel + Your Daily Motivational Quote

What do you guys think? Is a YouTube channel even relevant these days? Is the medium so saturated now, it’d be like throwing a penny into the ocean, hoping to make some waves? You could say the same thing about blogging, right?

I’ve been gathering up the courage to start a channel for the past year now (I even shot a channel trailer and everything!), but one thing after another has kept me from actually taking the leap – and to be honest, they’ve all been fear-based reasons!

What if I suck?
What if I run out of stuff to talk about?
What if no one watches?
What if…
What if…
What if…

Take A Chance! Starting A YouTube Channel + Encouragement For You

I’m so tired of the “What Ifs” – it’s kept me from pursuing a whole lot of cool things and I’m tired of it! I’m a grown woman! How dare I keep myself from trying new things and gaining more experiences! Life is too short to collect regret, friends. That’s why I’m done with all that. If I don’t step out and take a chance now, I’ll just be doing the same thing I’ve always been doing. Where’s the fun in that?

Take A Chance!

You know how they say if you want different results, you need to do different things? Well, that’s what this YouTube adventure is for me – doing something different, dreaming different dreams, and having faith that whatever I do, God will be there and has my back. What’s the worst that could happen? My channel is a complete and utter failure and I focus all my energy on blogging? That doesn’t sound bad at all!

Take A Chance! Starting A YouTube Channel + Encouragement For You!

Thinking about how much I’ve struggled with feelings of inadequacy, I imagine there must be a few of you that have struggled with it as well. If I’m speaking to you, then friend, I’m telling you, you can do it. Do you find yourself knowing you could shine at something, but have just been too afraid to try? Well, guess what? YOU CAN DO IT! You know how I know?

Because we’re not different. We all have:

and dreams
and goals
and loves
and gifts
and talents
and strengths
and weaknesses…

And if I once thought I couldn’t, but am now finding I can muster the strength to at least try? Then certainly you can, too, my friend. You can, too. So let’s do what needs to be done and get the thing!


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  1. LOVE this! So many times I talk myself out of trying new things because of fear. You hit the nail on the hammer when you referenced “if you want different results, you need to do different things”. That mentality is what drove me to start my blog! I have often thought about starting youtube channel as well. Thanks for this great reminder to go after what I want. I really love your blog, so much great content!
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