3 Natural Deodorants: Which One Worked The Best?

3 Natural Deodorants: Which One Worked The Best?

In the 90s – early 2000s, commercial antiperspirant ingredients were being questioned because there were a lot of people connecting aluminum and its daily application to underarms via deodorant, and the increase in breast cancer cases. Whether anyone believed it or not, one thing is for sure: it made people more aware of the kind of chemicals being used in the beauty industry, and the potential those ingredients had on our health and lives.

Nowadays, thankfully, it’s really easy to find incredible green products for the home, beauty, and skincare. But when it comes to deodorant (especially for the ones like me who can get extremely stinky)? It can still be tough to find something natural that is as effective as commercial products.

3 Natural Deodorants: Which One Worked The Best?

3 Natural Deodorants: Which One Worked The Best?

Obviously, the easiest thing to do is make your own deodorant – if you’ve been a reader of my blog for some time, you know that I do. This recipe was my first try at using any kind of non-commercial deodorant, and it was a success for me because it worked! I still love and enjoy using my recipe, but if you’re like me, you also like to have options. If I’m in a situation where I can’t bring my own deodorant or I run out while I’m traveling, I like to know that there are products that work for my body that I can pick up at the store. So I’ve been on a quest to find the best natural deodorants I can find on the market, ones that work and are readily available to everyone.

Today, I have three contenders:

1. Jason’s Dry Spray Deodorant in Soft Rose (I purchased at Whole Foods)
2. Zion Health’s ClayDry Natural Deodorant Roll On (I purchased at Whole Foods)
3. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant – Unscented (I purchased at Marshall’s, but have seen them at Target).

3 Natural Deodorants: Which One Worked The Best?

The Set Up

I’ve been testing these deodorants through the tail end of Winter, going into Spring – the seasons I sweat the least in. If a deodorant can’t handle me at my easiest, it definitely can’t handle me at my sweatiest, right?

My Control

I have two deodorants that I go between these days: my homemade recipe, and *yikes* my go-to commercial deodorant, regular, old man Old Spice (why do commercial deodorant makers only make deodorant available to men but only antiperspirants for women?). These two products work and don’t make me smell all day long. So anything short of that will be a failure.

What I Did

I used each deodorant for one whole week to see what my results would be. I did normal activity, wore roughly the same style outfit (short sleeved shirts, pants, etc.), applied the product after a shower, and did NOT reapply throughout the day.

Ready for my results?


Jason’s Dry Spray Deodorant in Soft Rose


This scent did not work for me. It didn’t smell anything like roses – or at least “natural” rose scent. When I think of a soft rose scent, I’m assuming it has a faint scent of roses. To me, this product was reminiscent of powdery grandma perfume. I did not personally enjoy this scent and wished I would have picked up the cucumber scented one instead. Oh well, I forced myself to use it anyway. The one pro is the scent doesn’t last very long – probably 20 minutes tops.


It wasn’t able to keep me fresh smelling past the one-hour mark, unfortunately. And I promise I didn’t work out (you can take that to the bank), or do anything that would get me to perspire. Fail.


Not this particular scent, no. I may try the cucumber scented one just to make sure because I like the idea of a natural spray/aerosol deodorant. There is one pro to this product, and that is its application. It has a very nice, even spray that’s not too strong and it feels dry to the touch almost immediately.


Zion Health’s Clay Dry Natural Deodorant Roll On


Very mildly scented – smells of a pleasant essential oil blend, light, and fresh smelling. The scent lasted about 2-3 hours after application. Because it is a roll on, you may want to wait for it to dry a bit before putting on your blouse. I’m not at all sure whether it can discolor material, so best to take precautions initially.


It did a good job of keeping me B.O. free until the end of the business day (about 7 hours). Now, the test will be if it can last a normal Summer day!


Yes, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who isn’t prone to too terrible a B.O., or if you are sensitive to baking soda (this deodorant does not contain any). If you wrestle alligators for a living, and then go home and work out, this ain’t the deodorant for you!


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant, Unscented

Hmmm, this one contains baking soda, a very controversial ingredient in natural deodorant recipes. For me personally, natural deodorants that don’t contain baking soda don’t work very well against my body odor, or at least they don’t last long. If you cannot do baking soda, skip this.


None – I got unscented.


All day – which means all the way until bedtime! I couldn’t believe it – it works just as good as my homemade recipe, but instead of having to scoop it out of a jar, I have the convenience of it being in a solid bar. Amazingly effective. No B.O. for me! DISCLOSURE: After about two weeks of use, I did get the telltale signs of baking soda rash/redness on the sides of my underarm – where I imagine excess product “pools up”. It looked almost like a set of parentheses —> ( ). Perhaps I was applying too much? I’ll have to test it some more, this time with a lighter application only.


YES! In spite of the redness I experienced, I was still so happy to find that this product actually works. I want to try all the scents! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who isn’t sensitive to baking soda. Because it is a little rough in texture, I had to hold it up against my underarm skin to warm up the product so I could apply it a little easier and more smoothly, without tugging at or scratching my skin. It’s a bit rough! But I will happily deal with that if it means having a deodorant with good ingredients that works!



I know buying a natural deodorant is sometimes difficult – all you need it to do is keep you from smelling, and a lot of the stuff available out there is weak. So if you like this series, let me know in the comments below – I’d love to try another set of natural deodorants if it helps you make a better decision on what to buy!

If you were thinking about trying your hand at making your own deodorant, give my recipe a try. You can always tweak the amount of baking soda you add in if that is a concern. Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to try with gusto! Thank you for visiting, and have a great day!

Have you found a natural deodorant that you love?
Share your experience with us!

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