The Lazy Girl’s Guide To “Washing” Your Face On Nights You Don’t Feel Like It

Let me get down to the nitty gritty, friends, because we’ve all asked the question:

Why do we really have to wash our faces before going to bed?
Well, my fellow Lazies, it’s because cleaning your face is the most important gift you can give it. Don’t believe me? This woman experimented on herself and didn’t wash her face for 30 days straight, and by the end of the month, she found her face had aged by TEN YEARS! Oh HECK no! I’m not about that life!

Not washing your face off at night doesn’t give your skin a chance to breathe. The “fresh” skin is trapped under the day’s ratty makeup, dirt, and grime, and when you don’t give it a clean slate at night, the dirt and dead skin cells just pile up. That can lead to all sorts of bad things for your skin: clogged pores, dry skin (which leads to wrinkles!), acne, and in some cases even infection! Yuck! Moral of the story? Wash. Your. Face.

So what’s a girl to do when she’s too lazy to wash her face? Easy: use makeup wipes! I know, I know, nothing new there – you probably already knew that! But what if I told you that you could take your makeup wipe game up another notch?

My lazy skincare routine has been working amazingly well for me. On nights when I can barely give, I do a sort of four-step process to cleanse my face: three wipes, a spritz of toner, and I’m done for the evening. It’s so stinking simple, I do this on the couch while my brain oozes out from my ears after a day of mayhem.

I know what it’s like to be desperate to go to bed and feel anxious about smashing your dirty face into your pillow. But my “fancy” (read: over the top) makeup wipe option just might help you feel “okay” about not doing your regular face routine. I hope sharing my lazy “routine” will inspire you to try something different and get your face cleaned before bed. I hope it’s useful to you! Enjoy!

The Lazy Girl’s Guide To “Washing” Your Face With Wipes On Nights You Don’t Feel Like It
***NOTE: The wipes I mention in this post are the ones that work for my skin. This particular combination of products has been good to me. Use whatever wipes you love and work for you. I happen to use three different kinds of wipes, all with varying textures and strengths, but if you’re not planning on buying more than one kind of wipe, you should probably err on the side of caution, and only use two wipes. Going in with three may be too harsh on your skin if you use a strong remover. Find what works for you and roll with it!***

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Step 1: Remove Makeup

I use my strongest wipe at this step, the wipe that I know takes off all my makeup. I personally love the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes in the blue package (tempted to try the lavender one!), but as always, use your personal favorites!

Step 2: Wipe Off Residual

Now that you’ve taken off your makeup, use a second wipe to make sure everything is gone – I’m talking all the residual solution left over from the first wipe, and any makeup or dirt that got left behind. At this step, I use the Pacifica Coco Pure Makeup Remover Wipes. This does a pretty good job of removing whatever is leftover for me. Also, it has a different texture than the Neutrogena wipe, so psychosomatically speaking, I feel like it’s getting things off my face that the Neutrogena wipe may have overlooked…

Step 3: Balance Your Skin

Seems ridiculous to say I use a third wipe to take off whatever residual is leftover from the Pacifica wipe, but I do. I “balance” it all out using these chamomile and grape seed oil Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths by Pixi. I absolutely LOVE them – they’re lightly scented, and the scent is very natural – doesn’t smell like artificial fragrance at all. The texture of the cloth itself is very soft, and when all is said and done, I don’t have that weird “stripped” feeling with my skin. It feels soft and normal!

Step 4: Spritz Some Toner

My final step is to top it all off by spraying my favorite Rose Petals Rose Water by Heritage Store. I just spritz it on, pat it in, then go to bed! That’s it!

The Lazy Girl's Guide To "Washing" Your Face On Nights You Don't Feel Like It - Heritage Store Rose Petal Rosewater

I’m always surprised by how good my skin feels after this! Now listen, I am NOT advocating and suggesting you do this every night (I tried, and it didn’t work – pimples much?). But if you just can’t give, then I say two nights in a row (and washing your face properly the morning) is the max you can get away with doing this a week.

Do you ever skip face washing on lazy nights,
or do you force yourself to at least take your makeup off?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Shopping these links helps support this site at no extra cost to you.
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  1. Hi! Do you have to apply a lotion/moisturizer after the toner on lazy nights? And where can you buy the other two face wipes? Thanks!

    1. Hi, friend! On lazy nights, I *don’t* apply moisturizer after toner because I don’t feel like it, LOL! That’s not to say you can’t, though. The main objective is to clean your skin – everything else is a bonus. So do whatever you’re in the mood to do on those lazy nights! As far as the makeup wipes are concerned, I purchased all of them from Target. If you’re on the road, don’t worry: they’re all available online, too! You can check Target, Amazon, or the actual brand websites as well. You won’t have a problem finding them! <3

  2. Love your blog. I’m definitely a lazy girl when it comes to face washing lol. Just water. My husband uses face wash and and scrubber. He’s always like — wash your face.

    1. LOL! I love that *he’s* the one telling you to up your game! Hahaha! Thanks for visiting my blog, Kristie! I so appreciate all your helpful advice and support! <3

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