I Don’t See Nothin’ Wrong With A Little Bacon Rind {Free Printable}

Do you love bacon? Bwahaha! What am I even saying? Of course you do! The question should be, who DOESN’T, right? The sizzle of the pan, the savory aroma when it fills the air, the first bite of crispy, salty goodness… Oh man, I better stop or else I’m gonna drop everything I’m doing just to go pick some up at the store!

***Note: This post has been updated. It was originally published on 1/20/2013***

Remember when Lady Gaga wore her controversial meat dress to the VMAs in 2010 (yes, it was that long ago already)? Could you imagine if it was a bacon dress instead? Well, how about a cooked bacon dress, would that be better? (Did you know the meat dress was on display at the Hall of Fame in Ohio?)

Anyway, I’m sure the craze won’t be dying down anytime soon (and don’t worry about those rumors of a shortage – they aren’t true!). There are way too many bacon chocolate chip cookie recipes to try, and candied / chocolate covered bacon to make, before anyone starts getting tired of the stuff. I mean, I’ve even tried a bacon-flavored SODA once (it’s not very good), so I’m confident that you’ll enjoy having this fun printable I’ve created!

Give The Gift of a Bacon Printable

If you and/or someone you love loves bacon (and 90s music), then you’ll get a kick out of this. And don’t be shy: if you print one for yourself, consider printing one for a friend! It’d make such a cute gift alongside a package of your favorite apple wood or hickory smoked! You can frame it up, hang it on your wall, and admire it while you fry some up to eat!

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Bacon Printable | "I Don’t See Nothin’ Wrong..."

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4 thoughts on “I Don’t See Nothin’ Wrong With A Little Bacon Rind {Free Printable}”

  1. Nice graphic, thanks for sharing this great stuff, I think I’m going to print it and hang it on our kitchen wall, it’s kinda motivation for beaf-eaters:)

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