Easy to wear, stylish, and comfortable - What To Wear On Thanksgiving To Stay Cute, Comfortable, and Festive by LifeDarling.com

What To Wear On Thanksgiving To Stay Cute, Comfortable, and Festive

I love Thanksgiving. Yes, we spend time with loved ones. Yes, we remember what we’re grateful for. But come on! It’s a holiday focused on food! A day like that deserves a special outfit – something that will keep me comfortable while I eat everything in sight!

Sure, everyone wants to look nice for the occasion, but wouldn’t it be better if we could look good AND feel confident knowing we don’t look like a busted can of biscuits after our meal(s)? Yes, friends, yes!
Below are some ideas to keep in mind while putting together your perfect Thanksgiving dinner outfit. And the best part? These choices are stylish, flattering, and able to camouflage a third helping of pumpkin pie in your tummy!

Wear The Right Pants

There are going to be more than a few of us that will be overindulging on Thanksgiving, and our comfort level after dinner will determine whether we fight the urge to unbutton our pants in front of everyone, or if we sit comfortably with family and friends. Here are the best styles of pants to “do” a big meal in:

1. Loose boyfriend jeans
They sit on your hips, are loose and comfy, and don’t restrict your stomach or ability to breathe. Wear a darker wash to keep it more than casual for a nice dinner.

2. High waisted wide legged pants
If you want to indulge, but don’t want to indulge too much, wearing a high waisted pant can act as a support system by keeping your entire mid-section sucked in, and diminishing the look of a food bump(s).

3. Leggings
Who doesn’t like wearing leggings? Dressed up or down, it’s hard to beat the comfort of these pants. Just make sure they aren’t see through (you know what I mean, ladies), and pair it up with a long, billowy top to keep it looking fabulous.

4. Drawstring pant
Easily adjustable, and beats having to unbutton your pants. If you choose to wear a drawstring pant, wear one that is made from wool or a heavy linen to keep it from looking too much like something you wear every day.


Pants - Thanksgiving Edition


Long and Lean

Did she just say “lean”? We’re talking about Thanksgiving dinner! Yes I did. Our goal is the illusion of being long and lean, not actually being long and lean. The best way to do that is to wear a long cardigan or long blazer. Not only does it draw the eye up and down the length of the coat (and not what’s happening in the middle), but when you sit down, you automatically have something to cover your food baby!


Cardigans - Thanksgiving Edition


Loose and Billowy

If you’re the type who gets overheated when a thousand bodies are crammed into a house, then you may want to opt out of using a sweater over your clothing. Then what can you wear that will keep your food baby in check? Why, a billowy top or dress, of course!

These tops and dresses can be paired with a long cardigan or blazer if you are so inclined, but look wonderful on their own as well. They have just the right amount of shape on top and on the arms, but flow so loosely at the bottom, no one will be able to tell if you’re hiding a second helping of dressing!


Tops - Thanksgiving Edition


Dresses - Thanksgiving Edition


I hope this has given you some ideas on what to wear for Thanksgiving. You’ll be so glad you took the time to put some thought into your outfit when you see everyone else fidgeting with tight clothing!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Easy to wear, stylish, and comfortable - What To Wear On Thanksgiving To Stay Cute, Comfortable, and Festive by LifeDarling.com

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