How To: Negative Space Nail Art by

How To: Negative Space Nail Art

I love getting manicures. If I could get them every week, I would. Since that’s not an option for me, I often choose polish styles that can last me two weeks without it looking too much like I used my fingers to dig out a rocky trench. Enter negative space nail art. What is negative space nail art? The answer to my prayers, that’s what!

“Negative space” naturally suggests a design that is void of something. And in the case of nail art, it means the absence of color – letting your actual nail bed color show through as part of the design. I love this option for my nails because they usually start lifting near the cuticle bed, but with a negative space manicure using clear polish near the cuticle area, it helps my nails last longer while still looking good!

If you want to try out a negative space style on yourself before you commit to paying a professional, it is as easy as can be. With a little imagination, you can easily create a look you’ll love! And who knows? Maybe it’ll end up being so easy, you can forgo nail appointments more often! Enjoy!

How To: Easy Negative Space Nail Art Tutorial

How To: Negative Space Nail Art by

  • Base Coat
  • Choice of Nail Art Pens (optional), or polish with nail art tools
  • Top Coat
  • Dry Coat / Drying Spray (optional)


  1. Apply clear base coat onto nails
  2. Applying base coat by

  3. Decorate your nail bed as you wish (I’m using nail art pens). Below, I’m doing two, totally different designs to show you that in nail art, anything goes!
  4. Decorating nails with negative space designs by

  5. Wait for the polish to dry a bit (maybe 5 – 10 seconds)
  6. Apply clear top coat
  7. Applying top coat to nails by

  8. Apply dry coat or drying spray to your work if you like (notice my natural nail bed color showing through?)
  9. Enjoy your easy, hassle free manicure!

Different ways to design your nails by

The beauty of negative space nail art is that you cannot go wrong! As you can see, I’ve given you some no fuss designs to get your creative juices flowing, but the sky is the limit! I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and it inspires you to have more fun with your at-home manicures! Have fun creating, friends!

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