Double Cleansing - What It Is And Why You Should Do It by

Double Cleansing: What It Is And Why You Should Do It

Double Cleansing - What It Is And Why You Should Do It by 
Have you heard of the Double Cleansing Method? It’s a very popular, if not necessary, step in Asian skin care. But let’s not make it complicated: double cleansing is exactly what you think it is: cleansing your face twice. But cleaning your face twice isn’t soaping it both times. Let me explain:


Using oil to remove makeup probably sounds weird or pimple inducing, right? But did you know that using oil is best for breaking down oil-based products like SPF, foundation, and even sebum? The science behind it is that oil dissolves oil, or “like dissolves like.” Let’s use lipstick as an example. Lipstick is a wax and oil based makeup. It’s pretty sticky, and contains ingredients that keep it from slipping and sliding all over our faces. Usually, facial wash doesn’t get it all – we have to go in and use makeup remover to do that. But using an oil will remove the lipstick with no problem!

Once the oily products on our skin have been dissolved, the next step will be to rinse with warm water or wipe it off with a warm, damp cloth. Once you’ve removed the “oily” products from your face, a foaming cleanser now has the chance to break down and wash off the bacteria, dead skin, and even pollutants from the air that were sitting under your makeup and sunscreen. It will also clean off any left over oil residue, leaving you with clean and softened skin.

TEST THIS: Here, I show you in a series of photos how rubbing coconut oil over various lip products quickly it breaks it down – an accurate example of what cleansing with oil does to all the stubborn products on our faces!
Double Cleansing - What It Is And Why You Should Do It - Lipstick Products I Use
Double Cleansing - What It Is And Why You Should Do It -Lip Swatches and Using Foam Cleaner Only
Double Cleansing - What It Is And Why You Should Do It - Foaming Wash Result
Double Cleansing - What It Is And Why You Should Do It - Using Coconut Oil
Double Cleansing - What It Is And Why You Should Do It - Results


Let me break down the benefits of this cleansing method for you:

  1. Massaging our faces using oil is a great anti-aging step, helping move around fluid, boosts circulation, and invigorating your skin
  2. You completely and thoroughly clean your skin, leaving a pristine canvas. No residue means no trapped dirt, dead skin layers, or clogged pores!
  3. It’s easier for nourishing and beneficial skin products to be absorbed into your skin since there is no longer a product or dirt barrier

I love double cleansing. Sure, it adds a little bit more time in my evening routine, but I can’t argue with the results. It’s worth it to take this extra step when it means my skin is healthier.

Double Cleansing - Current Products I'm Using by

These are the products I’m currently using in my double cleansing routine.


  1. Remove eye makeup and lipstick with makeup remover (optional)
  2. Use facial oil / balm / milk of choice, massage into my skin. Bonus: use this opportunity to do some facial massage!
  3. Rinse and/or wipe off with a warm, wet cloth
  4. Use your usual foaming facial wash (if your skin cannot handle foaming wash, try a low foaming wash like one of my favorites, Purity by Philosophy, or a cleansing milk)
  5. Rinse off completely

Yes, it’s that simple! Does this sound like something you’d try? Or do you already double cleanse?

30 thoughts on “Double Cleansing: What It Is And Why You Should Do It”

    1. Ivanna, what cleansing wipes do you like? I’m looking for some good ones that don’t require I rub my skin all the way off. LOL! And yes, I am still always surprised by how much is still left when I go in and wash a second time – it’s so satisfying! ;-) Thank you for popping on over!

  1. I’ve never double cleansed but I definitely like the sounds of it! I’ve been wanting to add coconut oil to my routine and this is a great way!

  2. Double cleansing is good, I also do this (and sometimes I do the 3rd cleansing, lol) I also use that Faceshop Cleansing Oil, thumbs up!

  3. This is great and I love that you added pictures. I have never double washed this way. I always just “was twice”. Thanks for this tip, I have sensitive skin so it is important that make up (foundation especially) really comes off.

    1. If you wear any SPF during the day, Aish, it is helpful for that. But if you rarely wear makeup, I think you’ll be okay with your current cleansing method. Thanks so much for coming by my blog!

  4. I always ensure to remove my eye makeup before sleeping as I apply only moisturising lotion and sunscreen on the face but thanks for sharing these great tips! I didn’t know that coconut oil is such a nice cleanser

  5. I love double cleansing, but sometimes, I can’t be bothered! However, this post was a major reminder of why it’s so beneficial to do it so I’ll definitely start up my double cleansing again!

    1. I admit, I get lazy every now and again, but I can always feel the difference in my skin when I don’t take that extra step! I’m glad this post helped motivate you to start up again, though! :-)

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