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Choose Gratitude by

It shouldn’t take Thanksgiving for me to acknowledge what I’m thankful for. Choosing to be grateful for the things I have and the space I occupy should be a daily occurrence! Sure, it feels counter intuitive – generally, when things are “fine”, the last thing I’m thinking about is being thankful, you know? I’m usually just coasting along, thinking about what I’m going to make for dinner, or if I remembered to pay the internet bill. But I wonder: could choosing gratitude be the key to elevating my day-to-day life?

I’ve always wondered how some people can stay so positive, even in the middle of a storm. Chances are they’re choosing to count their blessings instead of focusing on what wants to drag them down. What strength that takes! Some people may call it denial, but it takes courage to change the direction in which you’re looking. It takes courage to stay positive. It takes strength to hold on to the good things in your life when things seem to be falling apart. I want that kind of strength and that kind of attitude. The only way I’m going to get there is to put it into practice, so…

I choose to be thankful today.
I choose gratitude.

Who’s with me?


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