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Hello, It’s Me – 2016

Happy New Year, friends! I’m baaack!
(I mean it. Try not to roll your eyes.)

To my readers out there who’ve kept in touch, I appreciate you so much. I know I’ve left this space a couple times already, but each time I’ve come back, you’ve been right there to start reading where I left off. I love you guys for it!
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Current Mood: I just spent the last ten minutes organizing my plastic bag drawer. How, you ask? By folding each individual bag, of course! It allows me to store more bags that way. Plus, I like order. It makes me feel accomplished and in charge of my future. 2016 is off to a great start this way.

So let me just jump right into it: The last year and a half away from my blog has been great. Lots of family time, lazing about, milestones as a family and as an individual, you know? And though 2014 and 2015 were freaking awesome, let me say they weren’t the “easiest” of years either.

First, we bought a house. Hallelujaaah! And you know how that process is: house search, paperwork, crying, loads of money leaving your account, more crying, and more paperwork. Then the second half of the beautiful process: packing up your other house, cleaning it, moving, and getting settled into the new one. But for us, throw in renovations and living in the house while you’re doing it. It has been insanely satisfying, yet insanely frustrating. We’re only half way done. Cue: lots of crying in either emotional direction.

Second (and the main reason why I’m writing this post) I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis after Thanksgiving 2015. Smack dab in the middle of the holidays, with family visiting, tons of social activities, and all the eating that goes with it. I wasn’t able to fully process, absorb the weight of my diagnosis, and have a full on breakdown until two weeks ago. I think what kept me from having one earlier was that sweet friend, Denial, and my other BFF, Over Research Everything Right. This. Second. They kept my mind busy. But now that I’ve had to slow down as a part of my healing, there isn’t much that I can do to keep me from distracting myself from having negative, fearful thoughts. But that’s a good thing. Now I’m forced to face these things head on, instead of shoving them behind me while I Google whatever pops into my head ’til two in the morning.

Like I said, 2016 is off to a great start.

HBL (remember my husband?) has been a wonderful support, and surprisingly, a great “coach”. He’s been so amazing, helping me keep my feet planted firmly on the ground, loving me through this whole process. If I could give him a trophy, I would. Instead, I think he’d prefer I get well enough to do some extreme sports race with him again. I’m up for that challenge.

Anyway, I’m writing this post and blogging again because I’m adding it as one part of my healing protocol, something like my very public Hashi’s online diary. If sharing my Hashi’s experience encourages, gives hope, or maybe a laugh to lift spirits in that moment, then this chapter of my life has purpose and meaning. Who wouldn’t want that?

2 thoughts on “Hello, It’s Me – 2016”

  1. Welcome back! I was so excited and surprised to see you pop into my blog feed :-D I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Do you know the blogger Deva Dalporto of My Life Suckers? Apparently she has it as well.
    I also purchased a home in 2014, granted a tiny condo because I live in one of the most overpriced areas in the country, so I totally get the stress that comes with it.
    Hope to see more of you here!

    1. Bev! Thank you so much for dropping me a note! I hope to be here more often as well – actually, I plan on it! :-) Congrats on your new home, I’m sure you all must be enjoying it!

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