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Attempting Nail Art

I did my nails, friends. All by myself, with no fancy tools! Check me out:

My Fancy Nail Art Attempt

I can’t believe how nicely they turned out, and how easy it was to do! Honestly, it’s amazing what lots of patience, no kids around, and YouTube can do for you. And yes, always the YouTube. YouTube is like the big sister I always wanted, teaching me all kinds of awesome stuff. It is amazing how simple it is to do these things, considering how amazing the end result is.

Do you want to do your nails all fancy like mine, but are afraid to try? Don’t have fancy tools to recreate those awesome looks you’re loving? No problem at all! Check out these fun and easy tutorials that will give you the look I created and smash your nail art fears away!

YouTube Favorites Stamp Logo

Make Your Own Dotting Tools


Matte French Manicure (Free Hand)


Matte French Manicure (Using Stickers)


How To Create Leopard Print


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