Clean Your Clarisonic With One Ingredient!

You guys! I was Pinteresting the other day, trying to figure out how I could deep clean my Clarisonic Mia, and I found it! The thing that gets all the crud out without any real scrubbing: Hydrogen Peroxide! W.H.A.T.


We have super, duper hard water here in Vegas, and things that get wet (think tubs, shower walls, toilets) just naturally start to collect that terrible pink stuff after a while. My Clarisonic was no different since it lives in my shower.

How To Deep Clean Your Clarisonic by

And because this baby has so many nooks and crannies, a simple cleaning with soap and water was never enough. So mine sat, getting cruddy, day after day, and after a while, I just had no desire to use it on my face. Did I mention how expensive replacing brush heads are every three months? Sheesh. But since “discovering” this way of cleaning and disinfecting it, I am a happy Clarisonic user once again!

How To Deep Clean Your Clarisonic

How To Deep Clean Your Clarisonic

1. Pop the brush head off the Clarisonic unit and place it in a cup or bowl. Fill with enough peroxide to cover the brush.

How To Deep Clean Your Clarisonic - Brush Head

2. Let it soak for five minutes before rinsing it thoroughly.

How To Deep Clean Your Clarisonic

3. Pour peroxide directly into the well. Don’t worry, the handle is completely sealed and waterproof. The liquid will bubble up if there’s any “organic matter” present (eew). Also, if there are any hard to reach areas with stubborn dirt, take a toothbrush and gently scrub it off.

How To Deep Clean Your Clarisonic - Soaking Unit

4. If you have an extra gross Clarisonic *ahem*, take a toothbrush, wet it with peroxide, and lightly scrub off any debris you find.

How To Deep Clean Your Clarisonic - Detail Cleaning

5. If needed, repeat steps one through four (for the brush head and unit, I repeated twice – or till the peroxide no longer bubbled up) until it is completely clean.

How To Deep Clean Your Clarisonic - Clean


  • Don’t let your Clarisonic sit around wet! Dry it thoroughly after every use. However, if you do leave your brush in the shower (I’m talking to myself, here), make sure to lay it on it’s side versus with the bristles facing up. Otherwise, the water can drain down under the brush head and sit in the chamber, creating mildew and other muck
  • Do not use alcohol, since it can degrade the brush bristles and plastic

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this useful tips on how to clean clarisonic. Actually, I am only using a brush to clean but it is not satisfactory because it does not entirely clean the whole things. Thank goodness that the only peroxide is the best answer to this problem.

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