Take Your Blanket With You: Oversized & Chunky Cardigans

Hello. My name is Jennifer. I like staying in bed, devouring an entire fried chicken in bed, and spending all day binging on TV in bed.

Since it’s not possible to stay in bed all day (I’ve tried), I opt for having a blanket in every room of my house – and even my car – so I’m never far from that loving warmth and coziness. If I was bold enough, I’d bring a blanket with me wherever I go. But since I don’t want to be known as the “Crazy Blanket Lady,” I’ve found the best and most fashionable way to “wear a blanket” in the real world is to envelope myself in an oversized, chunky cardigan. And wouldn’t you know, I’m actually, wearing my trusty blanket/cardigan right now as I write this. Uhrm, soooo cozy…

Would you like to wear a cheater blanket out in public like me? Well then, check out these pretty little things and live in comfort all day long.


Take Your Blanket With You - Cardigans

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