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Dear Son, Sorry About Your Haircut: How To Cut Boys Hair

I like cutting my son’s hair (and saving $20 bucks by doing it myself). And even though nicked ears, too short bangs, the Little Dutch Boy/The “Bowl” haircut, and buzzed off spots happened, it never stopped me from cutting Monkey’s hair. Instead, it showed me what I needed to do differently the next time. #dontquit

Unfortunately, one too many mistakes have happened, and my husband officially asked me to stop cutting the boy’s hair, and to bring him in to get it cut professionally.

*Insert sad face*

So I brought him in. But watching the stylist inspired me to take another gander at cutting his hair!

*Insert my husband’s sad face*

But just because I messed my boy’s haircut up (I will only admit to doing that sometimes…), doesn’t mean you have to mess your boy’s haircut up! Today, I’m starting a new series called “YouTube Favorites”.

YouTube Favorites Stamp Logo
We’ve all been there, right? Watching every single video on YouTube, looking for the best one to help with whatever we need help with? Well, instead of you having to watch a thousand videos, I’m going to do it for you! And the first of this series? Buzzed Boys Haircuts!


Dear Son Sorry About Your Haircut - How To Cut Boys Hair

The following three videos were the best at explaining just how and what needs to happen to successfully buzzer cut boys hair. It helped me to finally cut my son’s hair correctly – and it looked good, too! You know how good? My husband asked me to cut HIS hair! (I think I win.)

Study these videos and then put what you learn into practice during a vacation so that if something goes awry (i.e. a bald spot from an accidental slip of the buzzer), there will be plenty of time to grow it out before school! You ready? Good luck!

Easy How-To: Men’s/Boy’s Clipper Hair Cut


Easy 5 Step Boys Hair Clipper Haircut


How To Cut Boys Hair With Clippers and Scissors

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