About A Woman’s Purse

Here is a picture of the hodge podge that has become the inside of my purse since returning from vacation and a business trip:

About A Woman's Purse - WW

This was a result of the Perfect Storm:

  1. Dumping everything in my vacation purse (aka Back Pack) into whatever purse was empty…ish
  2. Replacing ‘vacation mode’ items with ‘real life mode’ items randomly over the course of the week
  3. Switching out my wallet
  4. Going to the movies (I don’t usually carry candy around in my purse. Wait. That might be a lie…)
  5. The general “I’ll Take Care of My Messy Purse Later” Syndrome

I’m sorry you had to witness the wreckage.


  1. Wow that is worse than mine… but then I have given up on mine and now stuff most of it in my camera bag instead.

    Molly recently posted…Day 156 – The Two Of Us

  2. Mine looks like that all the time but without the legitimate excuse you have for it.
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted…Her DIY Project vs Mine

  3. THe funny thing is that my purse looks nothing like it. The only thing I have in my purse (if I take one at all) is a camera, one diaper and wipes… What an amazing feeling not to be frustrated because I can’t find anything in my purse. I remember feeling it years back when I had the whole universe in my purse….
    Ewa “Mom Photographer” recently posted…Honey Sweetened Coconut Oil Peanut Butter

  4. It always makes me feel so much better to see that someone else’s purse is as much of a disgusting mess as mine! ;)
    Jen @ Cuddles and Chaos recently posted…Momtrepreneur: King Soleil

  5. My purse looks like this always. I don’t even have an excuse.
    dumb mom recently posted…Summer Fashion & Beauty Finds.

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