Life Stories

Warehouse Club Underwear

We went to Costco some weeks ago and I happened to buy a pack of undies. So did HBL*. When we got to the register, the cashier asked HBL how he liked them because they were flying off the shelves.

Look at me, just outing myself on FB. Is nothing private anymore, Self? *sigh*

Well, I thought she was talking about the pack that I was getting, so of course I butt into their conversation and was like, “Oh, I’ve never tried them before, but it’s a six pack!” – never once thinking she’d probably already wrung up a thousand of these packs before I came along. The lady loading our cart was all, “Oh, no, she was talking to him. These women’s underwear? We know. EVERYONE loves them. They’re really popular because they’re so cheap – you know, cause we ‘go through them’ so fast…” *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

Hol’ up.

First, I don’t go through them *that* fast.

And second? Gross. You just told me your business and I don’t want to know that business, lady.

Also? Those undies I got are BOMB. They are so comfy cozy, when I wear them I get the feeling like it’s Winter time and I’m all snuggled up under the covers in bed, eating a warm brownie à la mode, with a bag of sour cream and cheddar chips waiting to be opened, while sipping on hot chocolate with extra whip cream, watching a chick flick marathon of Sleepless In Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Bridget Jones, Love Actually and every season of Felicity.

Yupp. THAT comfortable. And on that note:

Hope you all have an amazing Easter weekend!

 *This is what happens when you get old and married – couples underwear purchasing trip to a warehouse club. Look forward to it, Singles.