Spring 2013 With Pantone (Or: Same Old Colors)

It was seventy degrees outside today. SEVENTY. I was loading the kids up in the car so we could go out and buy some dog food, when, lo and behold, the outside thermometer read seventy.

Hey now, ho now! Is it Spring?! Seventy degrees? That’s shorts and flip flop wearing weather, if you ask me! And in my eagerness for warmer weather, I bought myself a pair of sandals and painted my nails a fresh, Spring color. I’m ready!

Speaking of Spring colors, if you want a look at what colors will be “in” for Spring, here are the color’s the Pantone people have selected this season:

Spring 2013 With Pantone

In all fairness, it looks like the same colors we have every Spring. Or am I giving you a “cerulean blue vs. ‘regular old’ blue” argument?

Spring 2013 Pantone

But honestly, when you’re just an average, every day person, describing colors in fashion, usually it means saying things like:

“Dark Grey”

“Light Grey”

“The Grey One”

Or if you want to get really technical, “That grey one that has the design* thing on it.” (*usually cats)

Right? Amiright, friends? Okay, just ignore the peasant…

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