Sometimes Married People Fight. And Sometimes It Happens On Valentine’s Day.

I know that yesterday, everything online was all sunshine and lovey dovey, smoochie smooch, but I’m gonna keep it real with you: I wore pajamas all day long and Huzz and I had a fight.

I think it is ironic that on a day when I was supposed to celebrate love while eating my weight in chocolate, I ended up with angry texting, no appetite for dinner, and some silent treatment-ing. This was not how I pictured spending the day.

"Worst Valentine's Day Ever" by Marc Tasman“Worst Valentine’s Day Ever” by Mark Tasman | CC 2.0

So yeah. Yesterday blew hard.

It didn’t start off terrible, though. The kidlets and I woke up and cuddled. I cut out fun shapes in their sandwiches for lunch. Huzzah and I wished each other a Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetly and lovingly.  I made yummy, Valentine-y dessert bars. But as the day wore on, the chores and tasks piled up, and I got agitated because of it. And my agitation spread like the chicken pox in first grade. And we fought like married people do. And it happened to be Love Day. And I’m exhausted from it.

Oh, wait, were you wondering how things are today? Well, let’s see: we have an appointment with our tax man this afternoon.

Where’s the weekend already?


  1. Oh tax man is like getting one of those shitty chocolates in the heart shaped mystery box. I used to poke my thumb into the bottom of them to see if I like them or not. If I didn’t, I would put the chocolate back for someone else to eat.
    I’m a genius.
    I’m sorry that you guys fought. Hopefully today is better…with wine of course. Just keep one eye shut at the tax mans…that way the amount you get screwed out of doesn’t look so large :)
    Kimberly recently posted…Comment on Sex In The Dark With A Boot On by Jenny

    • Thanks, Kim. We’re totally fine now. What I’m really sad about is that I didn’t get to take full advantage of my pass to gorge out on treats yesterday. Booooo! Stupid, ill-timed fight. We’re doing a Valentine’s Day do-over tonight. After taxes. Yes, boat loads of sugar and cheese will be joining us. Hope you had an awesome V-Day!

      • We didn’t have an official Valentine’s Day yesterday either, we really never do. I did, however, get to inhale a competitive eater’s worth of chocolate covered strawberries by way of my SIL coming over to make them with the girls. And when everyone went to bed I finished the rest of them in luxurious silence. I felt like the fat kid in class who hid in the back by the coat hooks eating everyone’s snacks out of their lunch boxes.

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