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Shoe Cure

Sometimes, it takes a bunch of will power not to go buying a gazillion pairs of shoes.

Sometimes, I have to muscle through and tamp down the “I NEED a pair of shoes” monologue in my head.

Sometimes, when your beloved 49ers lose the Super Bowl and a mild depression sets in, you can’t really beat a new pair of shoes as a cure for it.

That’s where I’ve been this week.

I found myself staring down at my trusty old Converse at the end of the game, when it got me thinking about other kinds of shoes. And because I was sad, I could sense that shopping for a new pair would make everything lots and lots better (when does shopping NOT help my mood?). Unfortunately (luckily), it’s still a little too chilly out to wear anything but boots and sneaks, so I can’t really justify buying any sandals and wedges. But oh, OH, how I wish I could.

Instead, I spent all of this past week glued to shoe blogs and online stores, “virtual window shopping” my eyeballs off. It helped. The pretty little lovelies helped me get over the loss, and are propelling me into a bright and happy weekend (with maybe the promise of one pair…).

Shoe Cure

Does anyone else use retail therapy?

Wishing you all a great weekend! See you Monday!


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