Winter Sky

Does this look like winter sky?

Winter Sky by


  1. What a lovely photo! So simple but gorgeous!

  2. Absolutely stunning!

  3. Looking at it makes your heart goes.. 'Hmmmmm… so peaceful." Happy WW!

  4. phoenixrisesagain says:

    oh I love this one ~ thanks for sharing ~ longing for some blue sky but would love to keep the snow :-) for a while longer

  5. Beautiful… I can't wait for the spring


  6. I can't get over how blue that sky is! A sky that blue lets me tolerate the sticks that are our trees a liiiiiittle bit better.

  7. Julie@Momspective says:

    Found you through the WW HQ, this is a great photo! Beautiful work!

  8. You are so lucky!! My winter sky (in Ireland) is grey and rainy (and some more grey!) Where is that? Keep enjoying! :-)

  9. Spectacular!

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