My Mission To Live Healthily

On A Mission To Live Healthily

See that shirt? I got that shirt in August. In August, it was totally loose. Now I look like a sausage that bust through its casing.

I’ve been struggling to keep on track (I’m a Weight Watchers girl), but once October hit, I was like, BOOOOYAAAAAH! Holidaaayzzz are here! Let the eating begin!!! My Huzz and I have been on an eating free-for-all since then, but now we’re tired, achy and – let’s be real – Super Chubs.


We’ve been complaining to each other for so long about how crappy we feel, that we finally got tired of complaining, and decided to take matters into our own hands. We sat down and looked at what our weaknesses are, talked about our goals, and now are changing and adjusting our lives to make healthy eating a permanent way of life. Oh, and I’ve officially banned the word ‘diet’ because I don’t want my mind to think that once I reach my weight/size goal, I can go back to eating three slices of cheesecake a day. Changing my mindset is necessary.

On A Mission To Live Healthily 2

I’ve been on all kinds of diets before. I know how to lose a bunch of weight. But what eventually happens when I reach my goal is I let things slide. I say, “You’ve been so good for so long – live a little!” And while that’s fine and good every now and again, I was saying that to myself EVERY. DAY.

And now, it’s fifteen pounds later.

My main goal now is sustainability. I want the changes and choices we make to be things that’ll let us enjoy life and not feel like we’re missing out on anything. And on that note, how can you ‘miss out’ when you’re choosing health over taste buds? It makes no sense, the things we tell ourselves.

So, for me, it boils down to this:

  • Moderation. Eating half a sheet of cake is never good
  • When eating a meal: after my first helping, put the fork down, sit at the table and breathe. Because chances are I won’t need the second helping I so desperately want to scarf down!
  • Substitute ingredients with healthier options as often as possible when I cook
  • No food rewards – a new pair of shoes is always better than french fries
  • To remember how I feel about myself right now with this “freedom” to eat whatever I want (lousy)

There you have it, our goal for 2013. And I’m not calling it a resolution because I always break those…

Here’s to a healthy 2013 for me and my husband. And BTW, since it’s clinically proven that men lose weight faster than women, please remind me of that if I ever start to get snippy because he lost weight Biggest Loser style, and I’m still working on my first five pounds, m’kay? You guys are great.

*Not really


4 thoughts on “My Mission To Live Healthily”

  1. I am right here with you on the chub train! I’ve been saying for MONTHS now that I was going to start back up with Weight Watchers (because every time I’ve lost a significant amount and kept it off, that’s how I did it) but with the holidays breathing down my neck I kept putting it off. I wanted my cookies. And candy. And apple pie. And anything else with a high sugar content that was placed anywhere near me.

    But it’s time to stop feeling like crap!.. Also, I’m turning 30 in March and I’d like to feel hot as I waltz into my next decade.

    1. I love WW! I did it once before and made it to Lifetime and then after both of my pregnancies and had no problem getting back to pre-preg weight. Buuut it\’s just a slippery, buttery slope when I stop tracking. And after Halloween? No holds barred for sure. Ugh.

      And oh my gosh, YOU. ARE. A. BABY!!!!

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