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My Kids Went Crazy On Me So I’m Having A Tantrum

(This post was written the other night. My kids and I are friends now, thank the Lord.)

You know when you have that freak night when your kids decide to go crazy on you at the exact same time? And your husband isn’t home to help? That is my night at this very, very, very, very, VERY second.


If you could see me right now, you would see the squiggly, steam lines of anger coming off my body. Oh, and my brain and eyeballs are at this very moment oozing out of my head because I’m trying to keep calm so I don’t give my kids a terrible childhood memory of me turning into a banshee and going ballistic on them.


Why, kids? WHY, KIDS??! Why now? Why at the same time? Why? Do you hate mommy? Did I do something bad to you? Are you getting me back for not feeding you on time? Changing your diaper on time? Not carrying you that one time you wanted? Making you put away your toys? Making you stop beating up on each other? Is that why? Is it? IS IT?

My Kids Went Crazy On Me So I’m Having A Tantrum

This photo was taken over the holidays, sweet angels that they are.
It was
obviously not taken last night when they tag teamed me.

I am sorry friends, I know the ranting and the caps lock is going buck wild today. But it’s because I have lost my mind. Lost… my mind. When I get angry, I repeat myself. In caps lock. And then I run around in a circle, screaming at the top of my lungs, and collapse into a tearful, fetal position.

Did I also mention that HBL and I are on a ten day fast from sugar, processed foods, and dairy? All the usual ingredients necessary in helping me keep a level head in times like this.

It needs to be tomorrow already.

8 thoughts on “My Kids Went Crazy On Me So I’m Having A Tantrum”

  1. Girrrrrrrl, I hear you! lol. My husband has been away for work for two days and the toddler has decided to straight up lose it– which has made me straight up lose it. My husband is getting texts like “I NEED A MENTAL HEALTH DAAAAAAAYYYYYY!” and my 6-year old is saying things like “I know it must be hard without an extra helper here, mommy.” Lol. Oy vey!

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