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Hemenway Park

Hemenway Park 1 - WW

Hemenway Park 2 - WW

Hemenway Park 3 - WW

Hemenway Park 4 - WW

My husband and I took the kids to check out some “real” wildlife several months back. When some friends of ours told us there are rams that roam free at Hemenway Park, in Boulder City, Nevada, they were not kidding! There are no fences separating them from us!

I was a little nervous about bringing my children there, but I was banking on them being used to humans. We kept our distance (I told my husband to keep the car doors unlocked in case we needed to make a getaway) and admired them from afar.

I’ll tell you what, there is nothing like a lack of a protective barrier to remind you of how amazing and powerful animals are.

*FYI: Hemenway Park is located next door to Lake Mead. If on your next trip to Las Vegas you want to check these guys out, make sure you go during the summer months (I took these pictures this past August), since I’ve heard the rams only come down from the mountains then. 

14 thoughts on “Hemenway Park”

  1. So pretty! And I’ll tell you one thing, my car doors would’ve been unlocked too– just in case a wild-eyed momma felt the sudden need to get her little ducklings to safety (whether there was a real or imagined threat. lol).

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  3. Oh I love seeing animals up close like that. I think it is a shame we keep impeding on their land and then complain when they are left to scavenge our yards for food. Beautiful pictures. Hmm in the first one I wonder if they would have lain there like that had a person been on that bench

    1. I completely agree with you! It\’s sad to think about it. :-( I don\’t know what I\’d think if I saw someone laying on that bench next to them, though! I\’d think they were asking for a hurting! LOL!

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