Five Easy Tips For Developing Healthy Eating Habits

In two weeks, I have successfully lost 3.8 pounds! Hooray! And in two weeks, my husband has lost…

Wait for it…


(Blank stare)

To say it’s difficult not to compare my progress with his, especially since we’re eating the same exact stuff, is an understatement. Remember when I said to remind me how it’s easier for guys to lose weight?


Barring all that, it’s pretty awesome getting healthy with my husband. I’m so proud of how seriously he’s taking his health – it’s obviously paying off! And I’m proud of myself, too, for not buckling under Aunt Flo’s pressure and sneaking chocolate chips out of the bag, or caving under the weight of McDonald’s’ heavy stare. We are kicking our bad habits in the butt, and we’re doing it together!

So, wanna kick butt, too? Here are some tips that are helping us develop a new, more conscious way of eating – and helping us lose the extra weight at the same time.

Five Easy Tips For Developing Healthy Eating Habits 1

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Five Easy Tips For Developing Healthy Eating Habits

1. Down That Water
Half the time you think you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty. Next time you feel hungry, think about the last time you had a drink of water. If you can’t remember, uh, you’re body needs some H2O!

2. Load Up On The Veggies
It’s amazing how little we ate in the vegetable department. I didn’t realize how bad we were doing until we started tracking our food. Veggies are good for us, they make us full, and they push everything out, if you know what I mean. And they don’t only have to be eaten as a salad! Find some good vegetable recipes and eat them – lots of them.

3. Let’s Wait A While
After that first helping of food, wait a little bit: have a conversation, think about your To-Do list, slowly count to fifty – whatever you need to do to give your brain a chance to catch up with your stomach. Chances are, you won’t be as hungry as you initially thought.

4. Get Rid of The Junk
If you’re saying, “What?! What’ll I feed my kids?” or “I didn’t pay good money for that stuff only to throw it all away!” Hey, relax. I’m not going to argue with you. If you cannot bear to throw it out, then bring it to a party, serve it to people who want to eat it. If you can’t help but eat it yourself, then watch your portions (I mean it!). And once it’s out, keep it out. Your life will be so much easier without the temptation.

5. Find Support
The reason I’m not complaining half as much as I used to when losing weight is because I’ve got a partner. HBL is on board, he understands what I’m doing and going through, and that is key. Having someone to be accountable to keeps me going and keeps me motivated. Even if your support person isn’t doing an overhaul on their eating habits, enlist their help anyway – it’ll do you good!

I hope this gives you a head start on your way to good health! You can do it! WE can do it!


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