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How To Cut Your Own Bangs

I want to cut my own hair again. I know, I know, nothing new. But now I think I want to cut some bangs.

Dun dun DUUUNNN!

I should have a professional do it so I know it’ll be done correctly, and look nice and even. When I do it myself, the end result is semi-disastrous (mostly because I never know when to stop –  “just a leeetle bit shorter…”).

On the other hand, I could get some YouTube tutorial help – after all, that’s what they’re for, right? Of all my research, the following videos have been the most helpful in my quest to master a self-cut bang. And because of these videos, when I finally get the courage to do it again, I’ll be ready!

Are you thinking of cutting your bangs, too? Check these videos out and see if cutting your own bangs might something you’d be able to do, too!

How To Cut Your Own Bangs

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How To Cut Your Own Bangs

For side swept bangs:



For straight across bangs:



5 thoughts on “How To Cut Your Own Bangs”

  1. I TRIM my bangs all the time. And there was definitely one time when I did it WAY too short and had to make friends with bobby pins for a few weeks.

    I say get them cut professionally the first time and then trim them yourself!

  2. Yea, I’m already having Michelle Obama bang remorse. I keep pulling on them hoping they will grow out just 1/2 inch so i can go back to my messy side swept bangs. And then when that happens I want full on bangs again. It is a love/hate bang relationship that never ends…. I need a bang wig!
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