Can We Have Gelato, Mommy?

Can We Have Gelato, Mommy? - WW

Yes, baby.



  1. This is why I love kids. The two hands and face against the glass of the sweets case is exactly what I feel like doing when I’m in the ice cream shop but don’t :)

  2. Choc chip please!

  3. What an awesome shot! And now suddenly I’m craving a gelato… :)

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  4. What a nice mommy. Now I want one.

  5. Yum…I <3 gelato!!

  6. Gelato…delish!!! Hope he was allowed some in the end:)

  7. I’ve always wanted to try gelato!

  8. Great shot. I want some too! :)

  9. What a great photo! I love gelato :-)

  10. Great picture. :)

  11. The answer to this question should ALWAYS be YES!

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