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Buying A New Mattress: The Night I Turned Into An Old Man

A week or so ago, HBL and I went to get a new bed. Our bed was so caved in, it’s a miracle our backs aren’t permanently hunched. But after waking up too many mornings all achy and icky, HBL and I decided to get a new bed.

But for me, buying a new mattress is a lot more comfortable to talk about than to actually do.

It may sound silly, but I don’t like laying on beds in front of strangers. I don’t know why this weirds me out. Well, maybe it’s because it’s a super vulnerable position to be in. Or maybe because it. is. weird.

However much I don’t like to do it, of course I still did. But the part of the whole experience that was so unlike me, that even as I was doing it I said to myself, “What are you doing?!” was my body finally laying in a comfy bed, refusing to get up, and talking to the salesperson from that position.

Buying A New Mattress: The Night I Turned Into An Old Man

And that is when I turned into an old man: when my comfort level put the smackdown on my feelings of embarrassment.

By the end of the mattress buying experience, I found a bed close to the back corner of the store and laid in it until our transaction was done.

And tried to actually take a nap.

And even tried to get Princess Baby to spoon with me.

Except HBL caught me.

*Head hanging in shame*

If it helps at all, we were the last one’s in the store, so there was no fear of being looked upon or judged by other strangers, and our salesperson’s desk was facing in the opposite direction…

I’m really trying not to think too hard about my behavior…


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