What To Wear To Holiday Parties When You Don’t Want To Wear A Dress

Have you already started getting the holiday party invites? Those are nice, aren’t they? Except the part where you have to figure out what you’re gonna wear.

I don’t know about you, but why does a holiday event automatically make me feel like I have to wear a dress? I mean, there is no hard rule about it, and honestly, there are times when I cannot give with the dress wearing. I don’t have it in me to suck my stomach in all night long. I cannot get excited about wearing hose, with it’s ability to slowly roll down my body and cut off circulation to my legs. Sometimes, I want a pants option, don’t you?

If you’re wondering what kind of options there are beyond a boring work suit, here are some ideas:

What To Wear To Holiday Parties When You Don’t Want To Wear A Dress

Now, go forth and eat holiday pie with no worries of bursting out of your supports! I surely will!

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  1. Very cute alternatives! I love the third and fourth outfits.

  2. Love the sparkles and the bow!!!

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