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This Bed Ain’t Big Enough For The Three of Us

Dear Monday,

Hello! How are you? I hope your week has been good. Just wanted to let you know that I had a rough weekend (and a rough last week), so I’m hoping you’ll take it easy on me today.

You see, my baby hasn’t been sleeping. Which means I haven’t been sleeping. And because I haven’t been sleeping, my stress level is at max capacity and my sanity is balancing on a very precarious cliff.

We’ve tried having Princess Baby cry it out, reworking her napping schedule, her dinner schedule. Tweaking her bedtime, her bath time. Putting her to bed while making no eye contact… Everything under the sun, we’ve done it. But she doesn’t want anything to do with her crib. All she wants is to sleep in my bed. And she’s very particular about “how” she sleeps in it, too.

This Bed Ain't Big Enough For The Three of Us by

I snuggle her while she drinks her milk. When she’s had enough and is ready to sleep, she kicks and screams until we remove every pillow, sheet and covering that’s touching her. She continues to kick and scream until we move our own bodies to the very outer edges of the bed (she needs the space in order to sleep sideways or upside down – depending on her mood – spread eagle).

Did I mention we have a king sized bed? It is not big enough for her.

Also, she’s a light sleeper.

If I wake up to go to the bathroom, if I change my sleep position, if I turn my back to her, she cries. The ugly cry, too. At the top of her lungs. And mad.

So you see, I really do need a break today. PB is in control of our household right now and it’s taking all of my mind, body and spirit to handle it with supreme patience and very little eye rolling. That is, I’m sure you know, A LOT. (Yes, caps lock because I’m shouting.)

Anyway, it’s very nice to have you visit us again, Monday. I pray this week PB will get her sleeping groove back – and right along side her, the rest of us.

Have a great day!

14 thoughts on “This Bed Ain’t Big Enough For The Three of Us”

  1. Lol @ putting down in the crib with no eye contact! That one had me cracking up because I tried that too…the crying out method worked for me. He still screams but he hushes after realizing we aren’t coming.

    Good luck on getting baby to sleep!

    1. Rekita, please send me some of that magic! When we tried crying it out, she refused to fall asleep for hours! We finally gave up when she forced herself to throw up! AGH!

  2. OH GOD. That is just the worst ever!! I feel like when you find yourself balancing on the edge of the bed praying not to move, you are just more exhausted than ever!! Hang in there!

  3. It’s so hard when kids/babies won’t sleep. My 5 & 1/2 year old is having some issues & comes in our room every night around 4am. Ugh. Last night she came in twice. She wants to sleep on our floor & we’re so tired that we let her. We need to put a stop to that soon.

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