Thirteen Days Till Christmas


Thirteen Days Till Christmas - WW

Yeah. It just got real.


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Jennifer is a proud wife and mommy of two. Since becoming a SAHM, she has discovered her knack for procrastination and the ability to survive on thirty minutes of sleep. She loves chocolate chip cookies. And other foods that involve butter.
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  1. And I haven’t purchased a single Christmas gift yet. Oh boy. lol

  2. I can’t believe how close it is!!!

  3. Oh my goodness… really! I gotta get my butt in gear then.

  4. You had to remind me . . . I am so not done shopping.

  5. Yikes! I’d better get going…

  6. SO much wraaaaping. Not enough chocolaaaaaate!

  7. Hooray!

  8. I am so mad at you for keeping it real. So.mad.

  9. Nah, it won’t get real until there are 5 days until Christmas. That’s when I really start panic.

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