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In The Buff

I brought my kidlets thrifting the other afternoon. My eyes zoned in on a couple of two-fer bins, so I walk/run us over to check them out, never noticing the bronze sculpture on the table next to them.

But my sweet, precious Monkey did.

In The Buff by LifeDarling.com

Do you notice the confused, slightly frightened, scrunched up shoulders? It made me feel so bad, not catching that little lady before my poor innocent.

But of course, not bad enough that I couldn’t take a picture.

I was wondering what he would say when I finally called his name, but when I did, he just looked up at me, still processing what he saw.

When I asked him later about what he thought of it, he just said, matter-of-fact, that it was a statue. And a lady. And she didn’t have any clothes on.

I hope I dodged a parenting bullet and that this won’t haunt me in the future…

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