When Mommy Is Too Lazy To Wash A Cup

Let me be honest with you. There are days when I have no desire to wash anything in my house. Not a cup, a plate, a sock, a face. Nothing.

So you shouldn’t be surprised that the other day, when Monkey asked for some lemonade, I decided that it was time for a kind of right of passage for him.

I let him drink the lemonade out of the container.

Gag! Barfaroo! You let your kid DO that?!

In my defense, there wasn’t much left in the container. He was going to finish it, so there was no threat of him backwashing and contaminating the entire bottle. Come on, I draw the line somewhere!

He took to it like a pro. I asked him if he liked drinking out of the container, and all he did was smile politely, said, “yes,” and went back to watching TV.

Hmmm. He wasn’t as excited as I anticipated he would be…

Oh well. He got lemonade and I didn’t have to wash a cup in that moment. Everybody wins!

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Jennifer is a proud wife and mommy of two. Since becoming a SAHM, she has discovered her knack for procrastination and the ability to survive on thirty minutes of sleep. She loves chocolate chip cookies. And other foods that involve butter.
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  1. You just opened up a pandora bottle….
    That kid will be sucking milk out of a jug now.
    You've been warned :P

  2. That is TOTALLY a win. We ate cereal in Rubbermaid containers this morning because all the bowls were dirty.

  3. I, myself, have enjoyed a sip straight out of the container to avoid having to wash a cup. Cheers!

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