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We’re Going To Use Cloth Napkins

Guess what I did this weekend? I sewed cloth napkins from a tablecloth.

Are you asking yourself why I would do that when I could’ve just bought some already made? Well, because I liked the pattern of the tablecloth.

Also, I like to make things harder for myself. For example:

 I didn’t adjust the tension on my machine. As a result, I got wiggly stitches. Can I pretend I meant to do that?

Anyway, so what’s the deal with me and the cloth napkins? Am I on a mission to get fancy? Do I need to do more laundry? No and no. Here are my two reasons for cloth:

  1. Save my family some cash money (I like frugality these days)
  2. Help out the planet (I want to slow down our decent into The End Times)

I’ve always liked the idea of going green, I think we all do. Something about not wasting our resources or consuming products that would result in three-eyed fish – it just seems so responsible and wholesome, don’t you think?

As the granddaughter of a woman who saved every single plastic margarine tub, plastic utensil, Styrofoam meat tray (gack!) and grocery bag; who washed cling wrap and plastic baggies and tried to reuse it all, I’d say I was destined to live a little more consciously.

Which leads me to cloth napkins. I’m on a mission to transition our kitchen to ALL cloth (read: no more paper towels)! I’ve been reading up on the whole thing, and frankly, why wouldn’t I do it? Ever-loving Huzz is on board, mostly because he really doesn’t care one way or the other (though, I’m sure he’ll appreciate saving some dough). So I made cloth napkins as our first step.

Standard sized napkins are twenty inches square, but I made mine about fifteen inches – I got more napkins out of the tablecloth that way. We’ll do fine with a smaller napkin, but if I ever recuperate from that sewing marathon (people, it took an afternoon to make them!), I’ll think of doing larger ones for special occasions.

We used them for the first time last night, and I LOVE them. I DO feel fancy using them – like a grown up! I feel amazing knowing that I made something we can reuse and we’re saving money. And you know what you have when you save money? More money to buy shoes. Let’s keep it real.

*You’re saying to yourself, “Hmmm, maybe she’s onto something. Lemme check this out,” right? Here are  some links to some super awesome tutorials for making your very own cloth napkins as well! Let’s be fancy together!

DIY: Confetti Sprinkled Linen Napkins by Design Mom

Make Your Own Cloth Napkins by Skip To My Lou

Linen Napkins {A Tutorial} by Sew Take A Hike


13 thoughts on “We’re Going To Use Cloth Napkins”

  1. I love these, Jennifer! You're right! The pattern is to die for! I've been looking into cloth for a bit myself and you're pushing me that much closer!

    1. Do it! I love it! I still am a little nervous at offering guests cloth napkins (I don’t know if they’ll be weirded out because cloth is usually a “restaurant” occurrence, KWIM?), but it’s just a matter of time. I’m so excited about them!

      1. Everyone likes to feel fancy! The only thing about cloth napkins with me is I'm worried about 'messing them up'. Just let your guests know to get them as messy as they want/can, that they'll wash right up! I have a hard time with that when I'm with others for some reason. Sometimes I just need the permission to get messy! lol

        1. LOL! It\’s so funny, because my dad came over and I didn\’t use the cloth – I opted for paper towels because I didn\’t want him to feel all weird and uncomfortable about it! Ha! I have to slowly introduce my dad to the idea! First step, tell him to muck them up! ;-)

  2. I think that's fabulous. I am very eco conscious…is that even a term?…anyways, I recycle everythgin right down to the toilet paper rolls. I think this is a great idea and you did awesome. I wish i could man my sewing machine. It's on the floor staring at me right this minute.

    1. Thanks, Liz! Another good thing about these cloth napkins? Since I had to spend all that time sewing them (16!), I can actually sew a STRAIGHT line now! LOL! Practice makes perfect!

  3. Yesssss, I love this! It appeals to my cheap side and my be kind to our environment side (I think too many people don't realize how often things that are kind to the environment are also really kind to your wallet). I've slowly been trying to reduce our paper towel usage and somehow didn't even thinking of going completely paper free. Light bulb!

    1. Yes, right?! I did read about “Family Cloth” (please, please, please Google it up and tell me what you think about it) but I am not ready for that kind of a commitment. That’s going AAAALLLL the way deep. I’m cool over here for now! LOL!

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