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Our Halloween Night

Woah, that was the easiest Halloween EVER.

We’ve only ever brought Monkey out to the mall or the huge shopping center here (which is BORING) to get candy, so this year we decided to change it up and go Trick-Or-Treating in our neighborhood.

Jack-O-Lantern, Halloween by LifeDarling.com

And can I say, what a difference? Instead of the massive headaches, pushy parents, and the crying kids, we got to take our sweet time, stroll leisurely around the block and didn’t have to beat the crowd for one jacked up piece of candy! In fact, we only came across four other families!

Poor Princess Baby, though: we had her on lock down in her stroller the whole time. But dass okay since, at this point in her life, she likes eating the wrapper before partaking in the candy. I think she can wait another year…

Baby - Our Halloween Night by LifeDarling.com

Monkey Man’s stash was pretty awesome. Almost every house we came across gave him double portions due to it being “a slow night” for them.

It also helped that after the first handful of candy, Monkey just stood there, staring blankly at the people. Every time he did that, they’d confusedly ask, “Do you want some more?” Of course, with no shame, he’d just nod his head “yes” or continue to stare at them (Yes, fool! I’ve taken over your mind! Gimme more!).

They always gave the kid more.

Halloween Candy - Our Halloween Night by LifeDarling.com

For his first time going door-to-door, he did a spectacular job.

Except for one embarrassing thing: when someone opened their door, Mr. Nosey would crane his neck around them to see what was happening in their house!

He. Is. Brude.

At The Door - Our Halloween Night by LifeDarling.com

 Fishing for a “good” piece of candy in this particular Candy Bowl.

Candy Wrappers - Our Halloween Night by LifeDarling.com

The Aftermath.

How was your Halloween night? Did you venture out and join the masses?


7 thoughts on “Our Halloween Night”

  1. So cute! I actually ditched my kids and went to see Fun. in concert with my husband. My neighbor took my boys trick-or-treating. It was a great night! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog last week for my SITS Day!

  2. I love this! I was a nosy kid too and I'm sure when we finally have a little LJ or RJ they'll be just as nosy! LOL! We only had two trick or treaters, a bride and an oompa loompa! We gave them tons too since we didn't have anyone! :)

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