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Holiday Madness

OMG, friends, that was the busiest Thanksgiving I have ever had! Gah! The most cooking, cleaning, hosting and entertaining I’ve ever done in my life and




Usually my mom or my sister are with me to do the holidays, so things are manageable, and actually a lot of fun when it gets hectic. This year, geez Louise, uuuuuuuugggggghhhhh.

Man, do I ever need to recuperate. Especially from all the eating.

Of baked goods.

And not so baked goods.

And thank the Lord I don’t do Black Friday because that would have done me in. I don’t know how people have the energy to do it.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you do Black Friday?
More importantly, did you stomp or get stomped on at any store? Do tell.

Holiday Madness

2 thoughts on “Holiday Madness”

  1. We did Steal Saturday.
    Is that what you all call it in America?
    Same deals as Friday only on a different day. We scored some awesome gifts for really great prices and there were NO craziness involved. Win for Canada

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