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Get Ready For The Holidays

It is November people. NOVEMBER. The holidays are here! Because I was a major Debbie Downer last year, and didn’t decorate for Christmas until, oh, I don’t know, the WEEK BEFORE, I intend on getting my fill of holiday cheer this season. Starting with Thanksgiving. My bin full of decorations is waiting to get busted open so when that turkey leg hits my mouth, we will be in full-blown holiday mode.

Postcard: "Thanksgiving Day Greetings" by Frances Brundage

And what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share the list of the ideas I’m throwing around to make this holiday extra awesome?


DESSERT (Number. One. Priority.)

1. DIY Candy Serving Tray. Candy Mints made into a tray to give away?! GENIUS.

2. Brown Sugar Apple Upside Down Cake with Apple Cider Caramel and Spiced Walnuts. This pie!!! Did you read the part where I said Apple Cider Caramel?

3.  Making Decorative Pie Crusts. Are you gonna make a pie yourself for Thanksgiving? I am. But it’s prooobably not going to turn out like these. Check out and ogle the pie crust perfection from Martha Stewart.

4. Toasted Butter Pecan Cake. Because why wait for the holidays to make this?…


1. Setting The Table For Thanksgiving And Other Holidays by Marth Stewart. Are you going formal dinner this Thanksgiving? Wow. Learn how to set the perfect holiday table by Martha Stewart (‘natch).


1. DIY Salt Dough Ornaments by Katy Elliott. I haven’t made salt dough decorations since I was in grade school. I never knew exactly what I was making, but I DO know that it was salty… because I thought you could eat it. Oops. You can try this tutorial, Clay Christmas Decorations by Woodside Kitchen, too.

2.   DIY Chalkboard Bunting by The Scrap Shoppe. A “chalkboard” bunting project you may be tempted to make!

3. How To Make A Coffee Filter Wreath by Little Miss Momma. This reminds me of when we’d “flower” the flatbeds for parades in high school. This? Much, much easier. Especially without the chicken wire…

4. DIY Felt Leaf Garland Tutorial by Tiffany Zajas

5. Sew And Tell Fall Leaf Mobile by Carolyn’s Homework. You might be able to pull this one off with paper, but it would be fun to use different colored fabric too!

6. Handmade Yarn Wreath Ornaments by Christopher and Tia. Start making the Christmas ornaments now!

And now, let the Thanksgiving nail art pinning begin! Snoopy Thanksgiving Nails by Nailed To The T!

Have a great weekend everyone!


3 thoughts on “Get Ready For The Holidays”

    1. I\’m so excited to try them – well, maybe not ALL of them! We still have time to do at least one of these things, but I\’d have to have serious energy and motivation to do them all! ;-)

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