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Where Are You Fall?


Where Are You Fall? by LifeDarling.com

Oh Fall, when will you ever arrive here in Las Vegas?

The weather out here is noticeably cooler, but still in the 80s. And since I want to start wearing boots, eighty degrees ain’t gonna cut it.

On the upside, we’re still able to do stuff outdoors with The Kidlets, but HBL and I have been brainstorming on what kind of activities we can do with them once the weather turns (I’m trying to avoid Cabin Fever this Winter). There’s an indoor track and rock wall at our local community center that we’ll hit up, but besides that, what else is there to do with our kids?

Before you suggest “crafting,” let me tell you about Monkey: One time, he was drawing on his easel, and got so stinking excited about how well he was drawing, he started run-jumping around the room, while scream-laughing, with crayon in hand. Then, just as quickly, he stopped and started writing on my couch.


For no good reason.

So, no on crafting.

What do you and your family do once winter comes around?


7 thoughts on “Where Are You Fall?”

  1. Too funny about crafting experience. We are also still in the 80s & even hit 90 last week – so no fall clothing for us either (SE Tx). When mine were younger – we did as much outside as we could – even spreading a blanket out in the backyard for a picnic or makeshift tea party (aka – cookie time – which we still do).

  2. AHAHAHAHA! Not to worry, this too shall pass – Princess Nagger used to leave her artistic evidence not only on the couch, but the walls, doors, floors and toilet seat. Yes, the toilet seat. :) Fall made a quick appearance here, but yesterday and today it's more summer-ish with the extra warmth and humidity having made an unscheduled return. Can't wait for 'real' fall to finally fully arrive! :)

    Zelda the Bored Statue Kitty

  3. HAAA! We haven't had that happen, yet. Doors and walls, yes, but couch no. During winter we watch lots of programs and find lots of activities, because I'm not willing to spend all my days out in the snow!

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