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Visiting Bonnie Springs Ranch

Some weeks ago, my family decided to do the off-the-beaten-path tourist thing in Las Vegas, and visited Bonnie Springs Ranch – a replica of an Old West mining town. The ranch was built over the actual Bonnie Springs site that was established in 1843.

So, it’s not like the fake New York, or fake Eiffel Tower, or fake pyramid on The Strip – it really was the actual Old West out there!

The first thing on our agenda? Why, take a train ride, of course!

The train ride was less than ten minutes long, but it takes a nice scenic route through the desert (and to the overflow parking lot) and loops back around to the ranch. They also have a petting zoo, a couple of souvenir shops and some fun “shows” that happen throughout the day and throughout the Old West area (my son and all the kiddies got to participate in a staged gun fight – he was excellent at helping the Deputy catch the Bad Guy, by the way).

We had the most fun just walking around the place, poking about here and there. We met some really nice people, and were surprised by how many international tourists there were (does everyone in the world speak French?). If you ever make it out to Vegas and need a break from your resort vacation, check out Bonnie Springs Ranch!

8 thoughts on “Visiting Bonnie Springs Ranch”

  1. I love road trips like this. A year ago we trekked through California, Nevada and Utah and it was so fun. Where in Nevada is this? Is it on the outskirts of Las Vegas? We drove through Arizona to Zion National park and those mountains remind me of your pictures. Do you do road trips like this all the time?

    1. It\’s actually not very far from The Strip – maybe 20-30 minutes tops, and that\’s with street driving! It\’s in the middle of Red Rock Canyon Nat\’l Park, so once we were done at the ranch, we drove 5 minutes to picnic near those very mountains. We try to do as much of this stuff as we can while we live here (I\’m convinced we\’re moving back to Cali any day now, LOL!), it would be a shame not to this close to it, right?

    1. At one point, Monkey saw the \”Bad Guy\” actor walking around on his break, and ran right up to him, hand-guns blazing! LOL! The poor guy didn\’t know what to do!

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