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Spammy Comments: Teaching Us New Phrases

Since I moved to WordPress, boy, have I been getting a boat load of spam comments. And geez, they’re ridiculous. Written in broken English, never making any sense…

Oh, and check out how long this doozy is:

Hold on, hold on, just ooone mooore thiiing…

I wish they’d stop coming. Since that probably won’t happen, I’ve decided to look at things more positively. I’ve started to really read the comments. And guess what? I’ve begun to see that they actually contain some pretty awesome new “sayings.”

Sure, a lot of it doesn’t make any sense, but, maybe that’s the point? Maybe these guys are sophisticated wordsmiths? Adding new slang to to the urban dictionary? Take for instance one of my new favorite phrases (thanks to the commentor in the very first picture): “Fantastic beat!

Since my post wasn’t about music, I’m assuming they used the word “beat” in another way, like when we use words like bad, cool, fresh and dope. What if “Fantastic beat!” is the new “awesome,” but I’m too uncool to get it? And if this commentor is European, well, isn’t Europe where all cool trends begin?

Hmmm… perhaps it’s time to get a new perspective on spammy comments and see it for the linguistic gold it is. What do you think?


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