Mommy Giveth, And Mommy Taketh Away


 Mommy Giveth, And Mommy Taketh Away by

At one point I had to take it away. Then, I was surrounded by crying little people.

And it started off as such a peaceful morning…


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Jennifer is a proud wife and mommy of two. Since becoming a SAHM, she has discovered her knack for procrastination and the ability to survive on thirty minutes of sleep. She loves chocolate chip cookies. And other foods that involve butter.
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  1. ihsankhairir says:

    Good move. They must not become too attached to such gadgets from too early an age. There's a beautiful world out there to experience and explore!

  2. I think mothers everywhere can relate ;-)

  3. Children love electronics don't they?

  4. I love it! Isn't that always the way? :)

    Waiting for the Bus on Picture Day

  5. When the Kids Go To Bed says:

    That's so cute!!

  6. Isn't that the worst?????

  7. Thanks for sharing. Stop by my site and say hello if you've got the time :)

  8. LOL, moms are so mean!

  9. Oh yes, the iPad wars!

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