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I Will Not Be Ignored, Mommy

Mommy Confession: Sometimes I get so busy blogging, my kids get ignored.

Don’t worry. It doesn’t last very long. My kids won’t allow it.

I get five solid, concentrated minutes before one of my kids is requiring my undivided attention. When they need me to quit with the computer, they have their favorite ways of getting me to stop. For Monkey, it’s saying “Mommy” a bajillion times. For Princess Baby, well, besides crying, she likes to do this:

This is a very affective method.


7 thoughts on “I Will Not Be Ignored, Mommy”

  1. Dude you need to link this up to my secret confessions on saturday!!!!
    Anyways, once when I was busy on the computer doing important things … ahem…my son got into a tub of diaper cream. The white one.
    That crap is still stuck to our ceiling. Yup. Ceiling.

  2. Too cute! For me, when I am on the phone, Princess Magpie comes up, puts her little hand under my chin, turns my head towards her eyes and talks to me. Very effective way of saying, "Mommy, I need your attention now"

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