Head-To-Toe Look: Target

I went to Target this afternoon. I wanted everything on the racks, but instead, returned home with canned beans.

How is that okay?

As a mom who has no time (or energy) to properly shop for myself, Target helps me stay as cute as possible without hitting up the mall. Sure, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I have sported head to toe Target before, with none the wiser. It’s just a matter of choosing your pieces wisely.

If you enjoy the one-stop-shop that is Tarzjay, I toast you, my sister! And for any nay sayers who think it can’t be done, I leave you with this fun look (everything from Target) to ponder.

P.S. This is my visual shopping list for my next trip. Until then, I’m coping.

Head To Toe Look - Target


7 thoughts on “Head-To-Toe Look: Target”

  1. That right there is some serious willpower. I don't think I know anyone who has made it through Target with nothing but beans. I'm no sure whether I should applaud your efforts or check your pulse!

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