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The Family Shoe Situation

We have several family shoe “situations” going on around our home. Upstairs, downstairs, hallways, closets. They’re everywhere. And at some point, someone’s going to have to do something about it.

I’ve given you some pretty mild examples there, but it is a grave situation, because most of the people who live in this house believe that I am the person for the job!

Sure, I’m the anal retentive one with a thing about my house being messy. And so what if I have a hard time NOT squealing in delight when friends and family call to ask if I feel like coming over to help clean their house? Yes, I go to Target and reorganize the nail and lip colors (because they’re always out of order! People are animals!). But that doesn’t automatically make me the go-to person for this shoe situation, does it?

Does it?…


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