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So, Apparently I’m Sewing

Remember how awesome it was to go clothes shopping for the new school year? All the planning and preparation… and using mom and dad’s moolah? Yeah, me too. I mourn the good ole days.

Anyway, my summer wardrobe has been boring me so much lately, I’ve been anticipating the fall big time, and extra jonesing this season’s new styles. But since I can’t, with good conscience, go out and buy whatever I want when there are two little mouths to feed at home, I’m doing the responsible thing: I’m breaking out my sewing machine.

I know I’m not alone when I say that I have items in my closet that still have tags on them, things that I would love to wear, If. I. Could. Just. Get. Them. Altered. Well, I’m taking matters into my own hands and hemming what I can on my own and bringing the rest to a seamstress.

And by doing this, I win twofold because 1.) I get to (finally!) add these “new” items into my wardrobe and 2.) I’m taking a notch off my Hoarder Belt.


Do you have anything in your closet that needs to get altered?

Want to know how I got the nerve to alter my own clothes? A coupla awesome blogs that helped (still help!) me are Dacia Ray for hemming jeans and keeping the original hem and Marisa Lynch at New Dress A Day for inspiration on altering anything!


8 thoughts on “So, Apparently I’m Sewing”

  1. Way to go!! I LOVe sewing, though I haven't experimented much with alterations. I'm starting to get into it as my daughter gets older, and requests modifications to her store-bought clothes :)

    1. Kristin, that\’s the only reason I started sewing in the first place – because I always had/have to take up my pants because I\’m short! Lucky I took to it, otherwise my alterations bill would be out of control!

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