Snack Time Loving


… I still ate them…


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Jennifer is a proud wife and mommy of two. Since becoming a SAHM, she has discovered her knack for procrastination and the ability to survive on thirty minutes of sleep. She loves chocolate chip cookies. And other foods that involve butter.
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  1. AHAHAHAHA! Love it! I would have eaten them too. ;)

    Social Butterfly

  2. You didn't!!

  3. Twisted Cinderella says:
  4. Lol. Bunny love killer!

  5. Eat them up! YUM!

  6. sweetesttreats says:

    Too cute to eat!

    Creme Brulee

  7. Crafty Spices says:

    Very cute Picture!…
    I just can't believe that you ate them…

    We invite you to come and share this pic via our linky Pary:
    Happy Day!

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