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Baby Memories

Last night I stayed up way past my bedtime watching my kids’ baby videos. I do that sometimes, you know, stay up just so I can look at all their baby pictures and reminisce. It helps slow down time a little bit.

Every day, without fail, I’m forced to say goodbye to a little bit of my kids’ baby-ness, because every day a little bit of it goes away: chubby legs get a little leaner, wispy hair gets fuller, baby talk turns into thoughtful and complete sentences…

So all I’m going to do is squeeze them and love them and hug them and kiss them until that yucky day comes when they’re no longer my sweet, tiny babes who need me and seek out my love.

I want another baby. Do you hear me HBL???

(When I’ve had a good night’s sleep and wake up tomorrow morning, forget I said that. Please.)


2 thoughts on “Baby Memories”

  1. I cry big ol crocodile tears when I watch old videos. They weren't lying when they said time flies fast.
    I want another one too. Just to cuddle. I don't want to do the whole dirty diapers no sleep and don't effing touch that plug…again.

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