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Friday Phone Dump – Vol. 1

I’m gonna try something new this month. Thanks to Kelle Hampton at Enjoying the Small Things, I’m so excited not to have to think about what to post on Fridays. All I have to do is dump some pictures from my phone (with a lot coming from my Instagram feed). I dumped my camera roll in a post before, not realizing there were others who did it more ‘officially’. So I’m jumping on the band wagon!

So here’s my dump (heh). It’s from a benefit I did some weeks ago at The Smith Center here in Las Vegas. Happy Friday! Here’s to a great weekend!

Friday Phone Dump - Vol. 1 by

2 thoughts on “Friday Phone Dump – Vol. 1”

  1. Thanks for stopping by Sadie! Glad to have you over! Why not just do a photo dump? I know I have tons of pictures on my camera that never see the light of day. ;-)

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