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Don’t Leave Me, Sweet Baby Talk!

I don’t want my boy’s baby talk to go away. Is that so terrible?

Every day his vocabulary grows.
Every day he has a whole new sentence or thought to communicate to me.
Every day he has a new expression that keeps me wondering, “where the heck did he learn that?!”

His growing up makes me so sad. Pretty soon I’m not gonna be the Number One Girl in his life, as I’m sure the moment his beautiful, lilting baby talk melts away, girlfriends and marriage are right around the corner. Which, in turn, means he’s moving away and calling his mom once every other month. And I’ll be that little old lady, sitting by her old rotary telephone, covered in lace doilies and dog hair.

(My husband will be passed out on the couch, hearing aids turned off, snoring.)

Help me. My heart is aching right now.


Running Kid


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