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Work Week

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What a week! I’ve been running around being a Creative. I do believe I’m finally becoming a real life grown up. And it’s fun!

Lucky for me, my MIL is in town, so she’s helping me look after my precious babies. Having her here is great, but I get so used to having the extra help. When she leaves, my son won’t be the only one balling his head off. But let’s never mind those boring details. Here is some raw documentation of what made my work week worthwhile:

Work Week - 1

Banana pudding is a requirement when one takes meetings.

Work Week - 2

Clouds like these help when driving around town.

Work Week - 3
Puppy Chow is great brain food*, an energy booster, and serious motivator when working late.
*It is not.

I had a good week. It was nice to get out of the house and have normal, adult conversation.

And now, my sink:

Work Week - 4

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